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Get Involved

Avonworth Community Park provides a variety of recreational and social amenities to help our community live happier and healthier lives, but community parks truly thrive when community members (that’s you!) contribute back to the park. 


Here are different ways that you can get involved in the Avonworth Community Park:


  • Attend the Park – If you are not already enjoying the Avonworth Community Park, please start ASAP!  Our park is here for everyone to enjoy a wonderful pool, Kids Kingdom, event spaces, athletic fields and great community events.  To know the Avonworth Community Park is to love the Avonworth Community Park!

  • Join the Avonworth Municipal Authority - The Avonworth Community Park is owned and operated by the Avonworth Municipal Authority. The Avonworth Municipal Authority consists of four representatives appointed by each of the municipalities in Avonworth (Ben Avon, Ben Avon Heights, Emsworth, Kilbuck, and Ohio).  These members serve on one of five committees that help the park function.  These committees are Facilities/Maintenance, Personnel, Pool, Public Relations/Marketing, and Special Events/Fundraising.  In addition, there is an Executive Board which includes one member from each municipality. If you are interested in representing your community, please contact your municipality’s council.

  • Share Your Skills and Interests– If you have a special set of skills or interests that you think would benefit the Avonworth Community Park, please share!  If you are a photography enthusiast, or a grant writer, or an avid bird-watcher, or a million other interesting things and you are excited to share your experience with the community, please contact the park office and we will see how we can work together.

  • Sponsor Events – If you are a part of a local business that would like to help sponsor one of our community events throughout the year, please contact the park office.

  • Volunteer – If you are interested in volunteering at the park (as an individual or as part of a group), there are many events where the Avonworth Community Park would love to have you.  Avonworth Community Park also welcomes Eagle Scout, school, and other service projects.  For more information, please contact the park office.

  • Donate – The Avonworth Community Park is a non-profit organization and can use donations to help with our community events.  The donations can be monetary or event specific goods (such as flowers or raffle prizes). To donate funds or to donate for an event, please contact the park office.



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